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Our Services

  • Market/Technology SWOT Analyses

    A better mousetrap isn’t necessarily a more cost-effective mousetrap. All facets of a new technology must be considered in order to weigh and assess benefits against costs. Identifying potential hidden costs and/or barriers is essential as is the ability to evaluate and to respond to unforeseen changes in the marketplace. Y&A helps clients understand these strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, asking the critical questions to help management evaluate risks and then establish realistic goals and timeframes for achieving them. READ MORE

  • Education/Outreach/Communications

    New and emerging technologies suffer the inherent disadvantage of lack of familiarity in the marketplace. Overcoming this and the built-in “do things the same way” inertia that often permeates decision making requires a well thought-out education, outreach and communications program. Y&A translates complex and often application-specific technology concepts into easy to understand principles, thus reducing hurdles and allowing customers to embrace “new” ideas and practices. READ MORE

  • Program Design and Implementation

    Once potential benefits and hurdles of a new technology are understood, it’s essential to develop a plan with concrete goals and practical actionable steps to move programs forward. Y&A works with clients from initial discovery process through program implementation and measurement. READ MORE

  • Business Development

    For your sales team to achieve the goals you’ve set, they need to work hard and - even more important - work smart. Y&A provides actionable intelligence to help your sales team make the most of their time and budget resources.READ MORE