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Program Design and Implementation

Once potential benefits and hurdles of a new technology are understood, it’s essential to develop a plan with concrete goals and practical actionable steps to move programs forward. Y&A works with clients from initial discovery process through program implementation and measurement.

  • Y&A helps fleet operators evaluate NGV and related fueling infrastructure options and value propositions, providing application-specific cost-benefit analysis and guiding program implementation based on the client’s operational characteristics, available resources and risk tolerance. Services include: environmental and economic analysis; vehicle specification and sourcing; maintenance facility assessment and modification; determination of fueling needs and options including station procurement and/or fuel contracting.

  • Y&A helps facility owners evaluate their building’s energy and thermal load profiles, HVAC/R system energy use and potential energy and cost reductions utilizing thermal energy recovery, gas cooling and/or hybrid-gas-electric cooling systems and high-efficiency energy management systems.

  • Y&A advances energy service providers’ demand-side management and new load development objectives by helping them quantify and prioritize loads, and then initiating customer outreach, education and sales programs.

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