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Market/Technology SWOT Analyses

A better mousetrap isn’t necessarily a more cost-effective mousetrap. All facets of a new technology must be considered in order to weigh and assess benefits against costs. Identifying potential hidden costs and/or barriers is essential as is the ability to evaluate and to respond to unforeseen changes in the marketplace. Y&A helps clients understand these strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, asking the critical questions to help management evaluate risks and then establish realistic goals and timeframes for achieving them.

Y&A helps clients answer the following questions:

  • What strengths and/or advantages does the new technology offer? What is the relative value of these advantages and will that value proposition remain moving forward?

  • What are the weaknesses and/or disadvantages of the new technology relative to competitive options, and how do these disadvantages affect the value proposition?

  • Have opportunities been identified and then prioritized based on resource allocation and short- and long-term return on investment goals?

  • Have threats to market acceptance and adoption been identified and allocated a value? What steps may be taken to reduce real or perceived threat(s)?

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