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New and emerging technologies suffer the inherent disadvantage of lack of familiarity in the marketplace. Overcoming this and the built-in “do things the same way” inertia that often permeates decision making requires a well thought-out education, outreach and communications program. Y&A translates complex and often application-specific technology concepts into easy to understand principles, thus reducing hurdles and allowing customers to embrace “new” ideas and practices.

Y&A’s services include:

  • Educational seminars, workshops and webinars including curriculum development, promotion, securing/collaborating with participants, presentation and follow-up assessment.

  • Guiding clients in development of effective communications strategies and messaging.

  • Creating sales and marketing collateral materials including writing, design, and production.

  • Press liaison including development of press lists, writing and placing articles in print and electronic trade and mass media.

  • Trade association liaison to garner exposure for client’s technologies and their successful applications.

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