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Yborra & Associates (Y&A) provides natural gas technology commercialization and market development consulting services. 

Our core areas of expertise and experience are natural gas vehicles (NGV) and commercial building cooling/heating/power generation (BCHP) technologies and systems.

Our practice focuses on four key areas:


Y&A helps customers understand and evaluate the benefits of NGV and BCHP technologies and provides guidance in deploying those technologies where they benefit most.

  • Y&A advises manufacturers concerning their technologies’ market opportunities and challenges, collaborates on strategies to address them and facilitates activities to maximize results.

  • Y&A assists energy service providers in evaluating NGV and BCHP technologies’ load potential and guides their development and execution of programs to capture that load.

  • Y&A advises government policy makers concerning potential benefits of NGV and BCHP technologies and policy initiatives to accelerate market acceptance and adoption. 

    Our approach is straight-forward and results driven:

  • Work with clients to assess opportunities and collaborate on potential strategies

  • Assemble a team with the skill sets needed to execute those strategies

  • Develop and guide implementation of activities

  • Measure results, advise our clients on adjustments necessary to achieve goals

    Our services comprise:

  • Market/Technology SWOT Analyses

  • Education/Outreach/Communications

  • Program Design and Implementation

  • Business Development